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Find the Fun Now

This smartphone app available on both the iPhone and Android markets helps people in Pinellas County (Clearwater/St. Petersburg, FL) find physically active things to do and healthy things to eat near where they're standing.

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Keeping it real

Pop-up videos help Floridians learn how to protect, preserve, sustain and save area wildlife.

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Flame fanning

This homage to the art of fire is a safety lesson in disguise.

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Eat freely

When school's out, free food is in. This clever map app shows Florida kids where to do lunch (and more).

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A little trust goes a long way

A place where pre-drivers and parents create contracts to drive safe and ride safe.

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Skipping the schmaltz

A healthy marriage website with a URL every newlywed woman in our focus groups wanted to visit.

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Lost and found

This mobile site was made with the new freshman congressperson in mind. It's an inside track when inside the Beltway.

An invitation to 15 million people

A one-day awareness event to keep the Delaware River Basin drinkable.

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Creating a “product” for the marketing mix

Find My Forest database draws users to a site where they also learn about controlled burns.

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The grass isn't always greener

Floridians learn to clean up their waterways using less fertilizer and more FL-friendly plantings.

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Don't try this at home

Using an it-can-happen-to-you approach, this campaign features a young man who learned the hard way that gas and fire are no joke.

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New chain of command

Helping the Department of Defense reach out to entrepreneurs for a few good ideas.

Since they already know everything…

Tweens make their own seatbelt ads with this flash tool, then share them through social media.

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Crowd pleaser

Arts festival site builds anticipation – and sales – with accessible information and easy online purchasing.

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Click here for consistency

Local sponsors plug in their specs and pump out customized materials wrapped in the Kidcare brand.

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Upstream advocacy

AJAX tool helps local groups create a customized guide to spark conversations about source water.

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Taking the stand

When the balance of power in Florida courts was under siege, a defense was organized within weeks.

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Organizing opposition

Residents learn about and lament a perilous state proposal that could devastate local ecosystems.

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Understanding violence

Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask.

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Friendly fire

Using facebook to post results of a fun fire safety quiz helped our message spread like, well, really fast.

Where's Rhino?

Facebook, again, proved a clever, quick all-terrain vehicle to get our Cinco de Rhino campaign to all corners of the world.

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Blending in

Custom YouTube and Twitter wallpaper keeps the issue of preserving Florida's wildlife in plain sight.

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When friends are the focus

Driving safety ads appeal to teen self-standards with tips on how not to be that annoying (and distracting) passenger.

‘It’s OK. You can say it.’

Helping parents get comfortable talking about sexual health so they can start a conversation at home.

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App about town

Ads in congressional pubs and postcards handed out at Hill events tout a hand-holding app for incoming DC VIPs.

No lecturing required

It’s easier for over-messaged parents to listen when you start from their point of view.

Hot Topic

Leaving children in cars can be fatal. And preventable. Posters remind parents at daycare centers and stores.

Dollars that make sense

Explaining how a once-a-year sales tax break isn’t a giveaway but a revenue booster.

Lighten up

Heavy conversations about weight and health are easier with a little levity.

Big-city lawyers in a small town

Branding that makes experience and education a plus by showcasing deep roots in North Florida culture.

Nickles and dimes

Give Florida consumers a card to flash for discounts at Mom & Pops and everyone wins.

PR gone wild

There's nothing funny about raising money and awareness to save the Rhino from extinction. Or is there?

Getting soldiers to share

Showing science and technology experts at the Department of Defense how they can benefit from new online tools.

Mother Nature would be proud

The developer of historic Babcock Ranch becomes a local hero by giving 80% of prime nature preserve back to the state for conservation.

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Rx for health

By asking doctors to put it in writing, patients can't help but get serious about getting healthy.

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What’s a pandemic?

Instead of pushing panic, harnessing social norms to encourage hygienic behaviors.

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Shout it out

How can you help parents get comfortable talking about sexual health? Humor helps.

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Chow Bound

Bus shelter posters point the way to free food and summertime activities for Florida kids.

You can’t fight Smokey Bear

When ‘fire is bad’ is ingrained in our culture, a new approach is needed to build support for controlled burns.

Relationship building

Connecting people to their local forest starts a conversation about prescribed fire and forest health.

You're soaking in it

Florida's playground, the water, could be ruined by fertilizer run-off, as these location specific billboards explain.

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Don’t tell me I should be happy

Newlyweds say life can be tough, so start where they’re at to talk about healthy marriage.

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Paying for protection

Uniting residents and farmers to provide a place for migrating birds to nest.

Parents’ perspective

Raising teenagers isn’t easy, but getting them health insurance is.

Making a scene

Using statistics to increase the odds that motorists will buckle up.

The Undiet

Taking the curse off weight loss plans begins with not calling them weight loss plans.

Turning parents into advocates

Framing the use of gasoline to start fires as outside the social norm.

Safety in numbers

Tradeshow materials reignited some common sense safety tips for hundreds, if not thousands, of firefighters to pass on to the public. Hooks included a grill giveaway.

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It’s your brain

Embedded messages about alcohol give kids a reason to skip the booze.

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All about Bobolinks

A market-based approach to wildlife conservation takes wing with the help of a tiny songbird.

Life is good

Postcards remind people that bad health can get in the way of life's great moments.

All together now

Branding guidelines give champions of a cause the tools they need to work as one.

Getting the word out

Newsletters by email or snail mail make sure the target audience gets the message.

Curbed enthusiasm

Reminding Floridians to fertilize less; chill more.

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What a spread

Flyers to students and parents complete a campaign promoting free eats all summer long.

Hometown advantage

Credentials count, but so does knowing the ins and outs of life in small town North Florida.

Bypassing the bureaucracy

Reaching out to entrepreneurs to bring new ideas into the Department of Defense.

Power broker

Uniting utility shareholders to give them a voice in decisions affecting the energy industry.

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Our Fun is Funner

Sedentary TV time has its limitations ... like not being able to meet new people. Inspiration to encourage active fun.

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Fast Food Zombies

Admit it. A spot to encourage feel-good food ... the kind that feels good after you eat it.

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What's the quickest way to save money?

Demonstrating that home hurricane inspections can save money faster than other schemes.

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She's all about the wedding

A little humor to help engaged couples think beyond the dress and the tux and the cake.

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A measure of certainty

As job insecurities mount, letting parents know they can get state health insurance for their children.


'A walking pandemic'

People who saw this ad were more likely to report washing their hands.

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The opposite of sexy

Does a guy like this work in your office? Make sure it's not you.

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He's so gross

Coming to work sick is no longer something to brag about.

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Makes Your Stomach Churn

Sometimes the best reason to take environmental action involves our taste buds.

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Save the Appetizers

Research showed people's fertilizer use was related to lifestyle, not their feelings about the environment. Thus this approach."

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Protect the Crab Cakes

Yes, the actor really did do what it looks like he's doing.

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A take on 'telenovelas'

A novel way to let Hispanic mothers know the H1N1 vaccine is available in Florida.


Myth of the 'talk'

Talking about sexual health can be part of daily conversations between parents and teens.

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What your teen won't say

Since teens don't always have the right words, helping parents open the lines of communication.

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How to speak 'teen'

SexEd for Parents workshops help moms and dads understand what their teen is really trying to say.

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What your friends know

Support from other parents makes it easier to start talking with your children about sexual health.

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Are you a Mrs. Mitchell?

Tapping into community pride to encourage responsible conversations about sexual health.

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Field Day

Don’t want to get the flu? You could try avoiding people – but then, a vaccine is available.


Why inclusion matters

We produced this 30-second PSA for Kids Included Together, which helps organizations meets the needs of children with and without disabilities

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