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Maximize support. Minimize Opposition.

Change Public Opinion

Change Communication acts as a gateway to Florida for organizations seeking to change public opinion in the nation's fourth-largest state.

Based in Florida’s state capital, with offices in Orlando and just outside Washington, D.C., recent statewide campaign victories have included stopping a 2011 Legislative effort to take authority from the Florida Supreme Court, accelerating participation in a health plan for uninsured children, and shepherding Florida’s largest preservation land deal. The division uses a research-driven approach that leverages audience insights and the staff's longstanding statewide ties to minimize opposition and maximize support. The idea is to replace conflict with collaboration, so in the end a surprising number of people feel like they won.

What do you stand for?

There's not much we won't do to advance a worthy cause.

We've auctioned rhino poop to drive donations. We've showcased 30,000 one dollar bills (along with a security guard) for a consumer spending habits promotion. We've sailed Santa Claus on a yacht into St. Pete to attend a board meeting.

We know how to capture media attention. But no matter how wacky the approach, success relies on substance. Public Relations, after all, isn't about publicity. It's about connecting with key audiences, building relationships, changing communications, changing behavior.

Connect. Collaborate. Win.

Government action or inaction can make or break a business, industry or cause. In Florida, a constitutional or charter amendment is a game changer. Seemingly minor legislative or executive branch changes can begin or end an era.

That’s where our issue advocacy team comes in – experienced Florida communication leaders who focus less on spin and more on the on-the-ground realities of motivation, alliances, and leverage in just the right places. Making change in the nation’s fourth-largest state means drawing on community leaders, business interests and industry experts to build support and minimize opposition — all with the assist of former Florida journalists and political veterans who make things happen. This is how good causes win.

When you're in a hole, stop digging

An employee embezzles money. The CEO has a lapse in judgment. Citizens hurl accusations freely. The press runs with them. Lawsuits loom.

With Salter>Mitchell on your side, you have senior level crisis counselors, news media experts and digital media pros in your back pocket. Our “all hands on deck” plan will get you back on track, even embracing an unexpected silver lining.

We'll provide management counsel and a script — what you don't say can be as important as what you do say.

Social Communication

They’re watching and listening. They like your cause. They’re commenting and sharing. They’ll recommend you, tag you, Tweet and reTweet what you say. And if you screw up, they’ll let the whole world know.

Sound daunting? It’s not. You just need to know what you’re doing.

Social media is a whole lot more than a Facebook page. It's a tool that fuels conversations, connections and common interests. Our social media and digital teams are pros. They are on top of the latest-greatest, ready to reel in your target audience.