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Meet the Masters

Resident web weavers Bobby Pond (left) and Brandon Waring (right) are two talents turned one applet-juggling, content quilting, traffic tallying powerhouse for the making of the new Salter Mitchell website.

When they're not busy designing, they're hard at word defying computer geek stereotypes.

We sat down with them to learn what makes these key S>M players so damn "most valuable."

How long have you two worked together?
BOBBY: Since the dawn of time. After fire, and the wheel, we decided to make SalterMitchell a new website.
BRANDON: Long enough to discover that we were long lost brothers.

Did you fight?
BOBBY: Only against the forces of evil.
BRANDON: No. But if we did, we would settle it like real men over a game of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Who's smarter?
BOBBY: I'd say he is — just barely. Ask him about the spelling bee.
BRANDON: I am. I once won a spelling bee spelling the word "conscience."

Did you think about this project in your sleep?
BOBBY: Sleep? All I remember about the project was a damp, dark room.
BRANDON: Of course. That's good work time.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
BOBBY: NOT a night owl. I go to bed early. But I also hate waking up in the morning. I'm a day person.
BRANDON: Definitely a morning person. Nothing like a jog at 4AM.

If a cat were trapped in a burning building, you would __?
BOBBY: Tell it to jump down. Everyone knows cats land on their feet.
BRANDON: Do absolutely nothing. It wouldn't listen to me anyway. Cats are evil. It probably started the fire.