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Welcome to our toolbox — some of the devices, tricks and templates we use to get you where you want to go. Type As (and you're looking at some) like to get started on the strategy before we meet. Any students in the crowd? Check out the primer on Social Marketing. And if you happen to be a politician in hot water, we invite you to rip off our ideas about how to hold a press conference. (When the dust settles, give us a call to get your good name back.) In short, these downloads give you a glimpse into the rigor behind our rituals. Please help yourself.

Research Creative Public Relations
The Little Book of Social Marketing (PDF)
Pre-testing creative materials (PDF)
Interview guide to uncover what might be affecting a target behavior (PDF)
Write a creative brief (PDF)
How to hold a press conference (PDF)
The Message Wheel (Word Doc)
Blank Social Marketing Plan (PDF)
Strategy Worksheets (PDF)